Which French Puppy Would You Like?

french bulldog puppies for sale

Here is a short tail in two parts. It also has a bit of a canine bite. The choice of a domestic canine is influenced by personalities and human needs. It can also be influenced by cultural affiliations or fixations. Anything thing to do with Francophile habits and customs and you might like the idea of browsing online for french bulldog puppies for sale. You might be feeling bullish in the sense that among these little puppies will be one tough little cookie you’ll want to order and take home with you. Those who wish for something more on the feminine side might have feelings for French poodles instead.

But if they were after something on the cute and cuddly side, they could be deceived. French poodles may look all dainty and dandy but if you rub them up the wrong way, they can be quite fierce. That’s still a good thing if you need to frighten off would-be burglars. Silly creatures, those. No, not the poodles, the burglars. In fact, French poodles or otherwise could be fiercer than French bulldogs or otherwise. Ah, now they really are cute. The French bulldogs that is. But rub them up the wrong way and you could be in for a nasty surprise. The old saying that a dog’s bark is worse than his bite could not have been more untrue.

Or is it the other way round? Anyhow, the bulldog hardly ever barks. About the most you will get from him is a gruff-gruff from time to time. See, no unnecessary irritating yelping all day long. There is deception in this little creature alright. He is one of those that will just sit in his corner and wait until the burglar climbs all the way through the window.