4 Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites are pests that you do not want to see at your home. These small, winged critters eat wood from the home in search of the cellulose that is found inside. It takes very little time for termites to cause massive damage to a property. Want to know more about ants? From how to get rid of termites fort myers fl to the types of ants, take a look at the 4 important termite facts below.

1- Types of Termites

There are three main categories of termites, but each of the categories has thousands of different sub-categories of termites. The main termites categories are drywood, dampwood, and subterranean termites. Each termite species is attracted to a different type of wood, but is nonetheless just as devastating to your home once it makes it way to the wood structure.

2- Termite Treatment Available

It is imperative to phone a termite control company at the first sign of termite. The longer you wait to call, the worse the problem becomes and the more strenuous and expensive repairs become. You’ve worked too hard for your home and do not want these pests to ruin it all.

how to get rid of termites fort myers fl

3- A Close Relation

Did you know that termites are related to the cockroach? It is a fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of, but it is true. The ant and the cockroach are distant cousins. The termite also happens to be one of the oldest pests in existence, having been around for about 200 million years already.

4- Signs of Termites

Do you know the signs of termites in your home?  It is important that you know these signs and that you pay close attention to your home and signs that indicate trouble. Signs that termites exist in your home include:

·    Discarded wings

·    Termite mud tunnels

·    Blowholes in trees

·    Swarms of termites