Staying Local Suits Cat Just Fine

Dogs do it all the time. You are able to see them actually doing it. And for squeamish folks, fussy folks especially, this can be quite gross. Dogs, the boy dogs mainly, mark their territories by, well, you know. They also seem to have that ability to cover quite a wide area that goes well beyond your yard. And it is your own fault if you allow your pet to slip off through the front gate like that. But not cats.

You love them to bits. You can leave the gates wide open and even place honkers on them saying; there you go, off you go, be my guest, and so on. But no. Thank you very much, I would much rather stay at home if you don’t mind. Especially the girls, cats would prefer to stay at home. This is their territory and god help any tomcats who dare to trespass on their yards. No prizes then for guessing where the saying cat fights come from.

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The moment they walk onto your property for the first time after finally putting the shelter behind them, they mark out their territory. This is their home and they are staying put. Home is where the heart is, and all of that. You’d be pretty chuffed with this cattitude because that way you know your little darling is going to be safe. And even if you’ve just got to get away, hell no, there’s just no way I’m getting in that car with you.

So, that’s the thing, you’ll need to get a local cat sitting illinois helper to babysit your furry friend while you’re away. She really won’t mind. Just needs to make sure the helper behaves herself, her lap’s good and cozy and the bowl is sorted.